Friday, March 20, 2009

Step by step

I have so little time and so many ideas !
When trying to reconcile work and free time, I never succeed… It’s always one war that I never win. The result ? Less sleep and very much tiredness… My husband always sais : we will sleep as much as we will like in the next life ! I hope he’s right !

I progressed a little bit in my work – remember the chessboard bracelet ?
Just a few more moves and it’s done !

The pattern is very simple, but the color effect is absolutely wonderful. I love to work on it, even if it’s not such an easy thing to do. I showed it to my parents and my father said : I would never have the patience to finish this ! It takes a lot of punctiliousness…

I have the right patience and punctiliousness for this kind of work and I feel ready to try new Peyote patterns, bur also explore other interesting beadwork techniques !
The weekend is coming and I am impatient to invest some of my free time in beads-beads-beads…

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