Thursday, March 19, 2009


Besides beads and their variety, I am amazed about the variety of accessories...
Let’s take, for example, the clasps.
There are several types of clasps used in beading or jewelry making :
Spring Ring - These are very commonly used and are quite inexpensive compared to other types. They are secure and easy to attach to a design. A jump ring or chain tag may be used for the other side. The ring attached to the circle part of the clasp is either opened (not soldered) or closed (soldered). Many people find these difficult to close without some assistance. Some also use these to attach charms to bracelets.

Lobster or Trigger - These are also secure and easy to attach. A jump ring or split ring may be used for the other side. To open this type of clasp, a lever is pushed and a spring inside the clasp opens the bar so that the clasp may be attached to the other end of the item. Easier to use than a spring ring as the user can usually close it without assistance. These are more expensive than a spring ring as well.

Toggle - These are more decorative and heavier weight clasps. These come in 2 pieces a bar (usually straight), and another piece, usually round, that the bar goes through to kind of make a 't'. These are used usually in heavier necklaces. These come in a variety of attractive designs and usually make up part of the look of the piece.

Tube - These are used with multi-strand designs. They are held together with suction. To open, hold each side and pull. To close hold each side and push closed.

Information source : eBay Guides.

Want some more clasps ?
Here they are !

Let’s not forget about earrings !

...And beaded clasps :

My favorites are this kind of clasps :

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